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Shipping Policy

We selling & shipping worldwide. Locating at international aviation hub--HongKong, makes our shipping choices widely and high-speed. 

Shipping Policy

General Situation

As we know, all good replicas are made in China. Depending on every country has different customs regulations, sending replicas from China worldwide is a challengeable work.

But still, from our years of experiences, there are some tricky ways to do for making sure the safe delivery.

Direct Shipping from China

We have very experienced shipping agents work with us for years, they know some special safe ways to deliver the replicas to you. It will be cheaper and also not slow. We might use different logistic companies by different countries to deliver your package just to make it safer.

About Parcel Tracking

Tracking number will be updated on your member center. As long as you got the tracking number, you will be able to track it by using the following website links:

The site can provide tracking information for various parcel tracking number from different shipping agent like DHL / EMS / HongKong Post / Fedex / TNT / UPS etc.

About Customs Tax

Your parcel might be charged importing taxes depending your local customs regulations. We don't take responsible for the taxes which occurring in customs clearing in your countries, buyers should pay taxes on themselves. Besides, if your customs requiring a tax no. in clearing parcels, please provide the no. to us before we sending the parcel, we will declare your tax no. on the invoice of the parcel.

About Customs Parcel Seize

What if the package faces customs PROBLEMS or even gets SEIZED?

We cannot control the customs regulation in every countries as a business. We know by experiences but they will do random check sometimes, especially on suspicious packages come from suspicious countries like China. We can say the probability is about 1-3%, which means out of 30 packages randomly we deliver, only 1 may will face customs issue. Customs issue doesn't mean necessarily getting seized, there are some different problems usually happen:

  1. The details are not complete or not clear. For example, the sender details or receiver details. They usually contacted each of both parties to clarify. In this case, we will help you to solve this issue. They usually let the package pass after all or return it to the sender.
  2. The package declaration or value is suspicious to them and doesn't make sense to them. Because we do undervalue and they usually require you to provide the additional proofs, such as invoice and payment proofs that match to the value declared on the package. In this case, we will help you to provide "fake" invoice and payment proofs to solve this issue. They will release it after all.
  3. Broken Packaging. They usually return the package back to the sender for this case. In this case, we will re-deliver the package to your address.
  4. Seized. The package has been seized due to brands fakery rules or replica rules in the country.In this case, we will arrange a replacement to send again to your address or refund you as our discussion.

Please note that we are not responsible for your any customs tax or import fees. Tax charging happens in some countries sometimes.